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10 Reasons Why You Need Security During Covid-19

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The coronavirus pandemic is causing an extraordinary degree of business and economic disruption, from local communities to global supply chains—and that’s before you get to the health scare itself and its impacts on families and businesses. As one of the best Security Guard Company in Livermore offers assistance to help protect the establishments. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic more and more companies are requesting for security guards especially in the medical field.

Reasons For Security During Covid-19

  1. Reduced Criminal Activity

A professional security guard will protect your facility. They do this by mitigating risks including vandalism, thefts, and assaults. These individuals are also trained to detect any suspicious activity. Once found, they can also take the proper steps before the issue escalates.

  1. The Provide a Quick Response Time

The reaction of security is immediate; every second counts when it comes to incident response. It is paramount that the threat is discovered and remediated as quickly as possible. Security is crucial in gaining control of a situation while awaiting the arrival of the police or emergency medical services.

  1. Add a sense of heightened awareness

Security guards offer an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times. Their presence is purposeful and distinct in providing immediate action in a multitude of possible scenarios, from de-escalating a situation to deterring hostility. Security cultivates situational awareness and maintains balance.

  1. Extra Assistance

Especially in the medical workforce currently the staff is very overwhelmed as such it proves to be very helpful for them when they have someone who can help them int simple assistance.

  1. Create a Safe Environment

The mere presence of security helps maintain a safe business environment. It is a welcomed addition regardless if the industry is in retail, office, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or events. Knowing security is near provides a sense of safety and assurance to employees and customers.

  1. Have someone onsite who is trained in CPR and AED

Security guards are first responders. In an emergency, there is not always time to wait for the police or EMTs. Having a guard on-site who is trained to operate an AED or perform CPR, it could be the difference between life or death.

  1. Make sure Distance is maintained

Right now during the Covid-19 Pandemic it is very important for everyone to maintain a six feet distance between each other the security guards help maintain this distance so that others may not get infected through one another.

  1. Patrolling the grounds

The Security Guards are made to patrol the grounds of the establishment to make sure that everyone is social distancing and groups of people are not meeting up as it could become a problem.

  1. Protecting the establishment

As many workplaces have been closed due to covid-19 and are currently not being open due to the lockdown security guards can be stationed at these establishments to keep them safe from any outside harm.

  1. Reduce your stress levels

Professional security guards handle unpleasant situations you would feel less comfortable in dealing with. Knowing that you or your business is protected provides peace of mind so you can rest easier.

“Protect yourself and your establishment from covid-19 and hire dependable security”

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