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In the Retail Industry the location, dread and anticipation of shoplifting is a vital obligation for numerous retail workforce. 

    In the Retail Industry the location, dread and anticipation of shoplifting is a vital obligation for numerous retail workforce. With the retail environment quickly advancing due to e-commerce and globalization of the economy, the center on shoplifting has expanded with numerous retailers. Executing a security arrangement custom-made to meet your business’ needs, can essentially advantage misfortune anticipation. Misfortune anticipation diminishes the sum of robbery and shrinkage inside a commerce by careful reconnaissance and speed to act. By having a misfortune avoidance security framework in place, your trade not as it feels more secure, but more secure around how the store is running.

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    At Metro Security Services the primary concern of our security personnel working in retail establishments is generally the safety of any customers and employees present. A retail environment could be a single store or an entire shopping mall, and depending on the needs of the employer, We may send a retail security guard to work with a team of other security professionals. A security guard is also responsible for safeguarding the financial interests of the institution, and therefore, might be instructed to protect cash registers, vaults, or the items in the store.

    Duties Of Retail/Shopping Security

    At Metro Security Services our Retail Security Officer works actively together with the store manager to prevent theft by the customers and also from staff. A common control is to check staff when leaving work and also check when products are delivered to the store.

    Why Choose Metro Security Services

    At Metro Security Services, Our Retail Security is trained professionally to take care of any situation that may occur at the establishment. Our retail security notes all details down and send them over to a superior. Our services are available 24/7 hours all year along and work to provide you with the best service possible. As such we want you to be happy with the protection you receive and stay safe. We want what’s best for you and help you achieve it..



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