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The Traffic control security guard protects private property. So, they have the same authority to control the traffic as the owner only on the site. But, they are not authorized to direct traffic in a public place such as a highway. However, The law authorizes the security guard to help police in an emergency. The security guard must be aware of the basic type’s traffic control. A security guard may have to direct one or both types of traffic, on the private property of his or her employer for example pedestrians or vehicles.

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Professional Traffic Control Security

At Metro Security Services we provide traffic control safety and control services 24/7. Traffic control is one of the most dangerous posts an officer can be assigned. We provide traffic control for highway construction, highway repair projects, construction work along roadways, facility ingress and egress, to assist with traffic moving in and out of businesses, parking garages, churches, events, and more. Our officers comply with local and state traffic laws to keep traffic flow moving and keep drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe. Generally, this service is requested by businesses whose operations extend onto public streets or onto private roads when they require traffic control services to minimize business liability and to protect public safety.

Traffic Control Security Duties

At Metro Security Services the Traffic Control security service places uniformed officers outdoors onto public roads to direct and control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic control is serviced in most weather conditions, being mindful of pedestrian and officer safety. Our Traffic Control Security ensures the safety of pedestrians and vehicles to their best abilities.

Why Choose Metro Security Services?

At Metro Security Services our Traffic Control Security Work hard for the safety of the people and the client. We provide you with 24/7 hours all year round service. All our Traffic Control Security is Licensed and experienced. We ensure that your safety and the peoples is our number one concern. We take into account both the pedestrians and the vehicles that are coming and going in order to protect you. You can count on us at Metro Security Services to protect you.  We offer other security guard services like unarmed security, mobile patrol , event security services and many more.