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Hire Vigilant Fire Watch Security

If you own or manage a business, a fire alarm system is a necessary component for the safety of the property as well as its visitors. When an alarm system is not in place or is inoperable, the fire marshal may require you to retain the services of a fire watch guard. However, if you have a situation where your fire alarm is not working, sprinkler system is down, or your access control system is not working, then you need to schedule fire watch service. Our security guard company will provide you Fire watch security for such a case.

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Professional Fire Watch Security Service

At Metro Security Services our fire watch patrol is responsible for monitoring all areas of a building for fire or fire hazards when the building’s fire alarm system or sprinkler system is down due to maintenance, repair, replacement, or other issues resulting in a non-functional system. Our Fire watch patrols involve patrol officers patrolling the affected areas looking for signs of fire or safety issues. Each patrol is documented in a log that is maintained. Our Fire Watch Security has a keen eye and experience. Having a quick response time is important in such cases.

Fire Watch Security Duties

At Metro Security Services our Fire Watch personnel shall continually conduct rounds by walking through the entire building or affected area, looking for evidence of smoke, fire, or other abnormal conditions. A specific route shall be laid out to ensure our entire Fire Watch Area is covered.

Why Choose Metro Security Services?

At Metro Security Services we take our clients safety and security as our number one priority. Our Fire Watch Services are present 24/7 hours the whole year as a fire can start anytime. All our Fire Watch Guards undergo training in which they learn what to do in a real life situation. They are quick to act and waste no time. They cover the entire ground and search for anything that might cause a fire and report it back.  We provide services in the security guard company in Bay Area & security guard company in Sacramento locations.