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If you are a Homeowner’s Association or property manager in charge of the security for your private community, you have a lot on your plate every day. When you are responsible for entire neighborhoods, crime prevention is of primary concern. There are a lot of decisions to make, and mistakes can be costly. As you already know, criminals strike without warning, and they’re getting smarter every day. An entire gated community is a lot of area to secure, and crime can happen at any time of the day or night. A mobile security detail can cover a lot of ground, and they’re often the best choice for neighborhood security.  We provide the best mobile patrol services in the security guard company in Bay Area & security guard company in Sacramento  locations.

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Trusted Mobile Security

At Metro Security Services our Security officers on mobile security patrols combine both foot and mobile security patrol techniques to provide industry leading quality service. GPS patrol tracking systems constantly monitor our mobile security patrol activities. During patrols, our security guards complete patrol logs detailing their observations and any incidents that occur during their service. All of our patrol vehicles are equipped with security decals and vibrant emergency lighting systems to identify it as a security patrol & response unit. Our Security guards on mobile security patrols drive the patrol vehicles with care and proper driving technique.

Mobile Security Duties

Our Mobile patrol guards are a very effective deterrent. Our mobile security guards will constantly patrol the property, observe, and report. Mobile security is most commonly used in neighborhood areas as a night watch in order to keep the houses safe.


Why Choose Metro Security Services?

At Metro Security Services we offer you the best of security our mobile security guards are alert and always on duty making sure everything is going alright without any disturbances. Our guards are on patrol to keep everything safe making sure everyone is inside during the night. Our Mobile Patrol observes and try to stop a crime before it is committed to avoid any damage to the property or people. They go on interior checks as well as exterior checks before proceeding on. We offer 24/7 hours security all year long. To ensure that our clients are safe and happy.  We are committed for the services to ensure the safety and protection. We also offer private security contract , Armed Security & Unarmed security services and many more.